Mariners: Joey Gallo is Apparently Polarizing and I’m Not Sure Why

There has been some speculation this winter that the New York Yankees may be willing to move former Texas Ranger Joey Gallo. The mere mention of Gallo and the Mariners has generated a lot of attention, and I’m not sure why. The Seattle Mariners will enter the 2022 season with playoff expectations and if they […]

Mariners Acquire Adam Frazier for Kerr, Rosier

The Seattle Mariners have officially made their first move of the 2021-2022 off-season, acquiring INF/OF Adam Frazier from the San Diego Padres. As earlier reported by Jeff Passan, and since confirmed by the club, the Mariners have their new second baseman. Or left fielder. Or utility man. Regardless of his position, Adam Frazier is now […]

Why I’m out on The Kraken (and Why it Matters((it doesn’t))

So obviously, this isn’t an article about baseball. Shocking, I know. But it is an article about a Seattle Sports team, and honestly, that’s good enough for me. In my other articles, I really try to clean things up and take an analytical view of the point I’m trying to make, but this is a […]

Let Jerry Cook: The 2021-2022 Seattle Mariners Off-Season Plan

The 2021-2022 MLB Off-Season is underway and as is tradition, it is time to unveil the True to the Trident Off-Season Plan! Before we lay out our plan, we should establish some of our process, ground rules, and what you can expect from the plan. First and foremost, both Ty and I spent weeks coming […]

Mariners Off-Season: 10 Players I Love

The Mariners are going to be attached to a lot of players this winter and almost no idea is dumb enough to not at least consider. But before we get bogged down in all the details, now is a good time to keep things simple. Here are 10 players I would love to see in […]

3 Free Agents of Whom the Mariners Should Remain Wary

There are going to be no shortage of ideas tossed around by Mariners fans this winter. But some should cause more pause than others. Which free agents should the Mariners front office be wary of? The Mariners are going to be active this winter, both in the trade market and in free agency. And while […]

Where the Mariners Sit Entering their Off-Season

The Seattle Mariners wrapped up their improbable 2021 campaign, ending their season as winners of 90 games. But where to do things stand heading into the off-season? The Mariners were incredible in 2021. They won 90 games, 12-18 more games than the prognosticators had estimated. Seattle maxed out the possibility of their ball club, despite […]

Venting about the Mariners

After recording a podcast episode and a live stream today, I went out for a walk to enjoy reasonable temperatures and to get a little exercise. On my walk I listened to some Mariners talk… and that was a mistake. The Seattle Mariners being relevant is a bit of a double-edged sword. On the positive […]

Yeah, It’s Time for the Kyle Seager Era to End… Respectfully

The Mariners may be getting ready to say goodbye to a franchise icon, but fans are still debating about whether or not Kyle Seager should return to Seattle in 2022. Today, we break it down. The debate between Mariners fans regarding the return of Seager in 2022 is likely the only place this debate is […]

How The Mariners Make the Playoffs

122 games in, 40 to go. 3 games back of the A’s for the 2nd wild card spot, and 4 back of the Yankees for the first. Forget the wild card though, the Mariners are only 5.5 back of the Astros in the West. Who would’ve thought this team would be in this spot? The […]


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