The Mariners are Clutch, Like Really, Really Clutch

The 2021 Mariners are on pace to be the most clutch team of all time, and it’s not even close. After games like the miraculous 0-7 comeback against the Astros this week, the opening day comeback, or the three 1 run wins against A’s at the beginning of this homestand, it’s evident that the Mariners […]

Mariners Rumors: What Whit Merrifield Could Bring to Seattle

The Mariners universe is buzzing with the persistent rumor that GM Jerry Dipoto is aggressively pursuing Kansas City Royals All-Star utility man Whit Merrifield. But what would he actually bring to Seattle? On the heels of a big series win against the A’s which leaves them just 1.5 games out of a playoff spot, the […]

8 Mariners Trade Targets: Second Base Edition

Recently, Seattle Mariners GM Jerry Dipoto said in an interview that his goal is to add starting pitching and a second baseman at the deadline this year. Which second baseman could he target? The Mariners appear to be buyers… at least for now. That’s the indication Dipoto gave in his interview on a MLB Network […]

Seattle Mariners Trade Deadline Plan 2.0: ASB Edition

At the beginning of this month, the we presented a plan for how we’d attack the trade deadline as the general manager of the Seattle Mariners. But this team is so unpredictable that it was hard to know which direction to go. Now, with another 10 or so games of data to work with, it’s […]

Embrace The Chaos, Open Your Hearts!

“That was the coolest thing in my life on a baseball field. When you have the whole stadium chanting your name, you gotta come through.” J.P. Crawford’s quote is proof, folks: the energy in the Mariners fanbase is beginning to grow, and at no point was it more evident than in his late-game at-bat against […]

Seattle Mariners Trade Deadline Plan

Typically, our big “plans” are saved for our off-season plan where we play Mariners GM and run through the number of players we would target in free agency and trade as we craft a roster for the coming season. But this year, we present an alternative, or more accurately, extra plan for you consideration. The […]

The “Swing for the Fences” Trade for the 2021 Seattle Mariners

The Seattle Mariners are a somewhat surprising playoff contenders nearing the halfway point of the season, albeit as a fringe contender. But if the team wanted to try and take advantage of 2021 while also improving their 2022 chances, this deadline is going to be an expensive time to try it. But there is still […]

The Mariners should swing for the fences, draft Benny Montgomery

Benny Montgomery is good at baseball. Really good. And he just might be there for the Mariners to take at pick No. 12 in next month’s draft. But as the annual event approaches closer, very little indication has been given that general manager Jerry Dipoto and company will break tradition and select a non-college athlete. […]


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