MLB Draft: Top 10 Pitchers for the Seattle Mariners

The MLB Draft will be here before you know it and it is time to start looking at some potential future Seattle Mariners. Today, we rank the 10 best pitchers in the upcoming draft and tell you how likely they are to be Mariners. The 2021 draft class appears to be a solid, but not […]

It is time: Why the Mariners Should Sign Jake Odorizzi

The off-season is officially over as the Cactus League is underway and the Seattle Mariners will play every day for the next four weeks. But there is still one major hole to fill with the perfect stopgap still available. I’m a big fan of the rebuild. It’s going almost perfectly. There haven’t been any major […]

The Pros and Cons of Hiring Theo Epstein

As the Seattle Mariners begin their search for a new President and/or CEO, one name is generating most of the buzz. But if Theo Epstein wanted to work for the Mariners, would he even be a good fit? Theo Epstein and the Seattle Mariners. A pipe dream just a few months ago now feels almost […]

The Mo(u)rning After Mather

A journal post about how this Mariners fan is attempting to move on from the latest scandal and subsequent shit show from a team I can’t stop loving. I’d love to tell you guys that I came really close to breaking up with the Seattle Mariners yesterday. I’d love to pretend that I was willing […]

Kevin Mather is a blight on the Mariners and Major League Baseball

No one’s perfect, and everyone makes mistakes. Most mistakes that people make can be brushed off, learned from, and moved on from. In a lot of ways, baseball is a game of mistakes – going 0-for-4 on a day when one hit would’ve won the game or hanging the pitch that leads to a walk-off […]

Kevin Mather is Everything Wrong with Baseball

Today, a rich, white man said some really stupid things to another group of rich people. It happens every day. But it’s not often that that person is a key player in the ownership group of the Seattle Mariners. Let’s dispense of the flowery language. Let’s not pretend that what was said today was an […]

James Paxton is Back!

About a week after Mariners Twitter erupted at an idea that James Paxton wanted to come back and Seattle said no, reports have confirmed that James Paxton will indeed return to the Seattle Mariners. The deal was first reported by Chad Dey, who threw water on the validity of the initial “story”. Reaching out to […]

Seattle Mariners Sign Ken Giles to 2-Year Contract

The Seattle Mariners made what is likely to be their biggest move this off-season, inking former Blue Jays and Astros closer Ken Giles to a two-year contract. Of course, the Seattle Mariners biggest move of the 2020-2021 off-season was adding a pitcher who cannot help them in 2021. It is hard not to laugh at […]

Let’s Talk About James Paxton

Mariners’ Twitter is abuzz after Ryan Divish of the Seattle Times reported that former Seattle pitcher James Paxton reached out to the team about coming back to the pacific northwest and the team was not interested. By now, you all know the report. James Paxton wanted to come back to Seattle on a 1-year contract […]


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