Kevin Mather is Everything Wrong with Baseball

Today, a rich, white man said some really stupid things to another group of rich people. It happens every day. But it’s not often that that person is a key player in the ownership group of the Seattle Mariners.

Let’s dispense of the flowery language. Let’s not pretend that what was said today was an accident. Nor was it a surprise. It is time to call a spade a spade: Kevin Mather is a tremendous pile of human shit. Yeah, I’m calling him names. Here are some others: racists, classists, sexual harassing, women-hating, egotistical, asshole. Kevin Mather is a bad dude and his association with the Seattle Mariners is an embarrassment to the organization and major league baseball as a whole.

While the relative working class of MLB has seen some turnover this winter thanks to unspeakably awful actions against women, Kevin Mather’s history of sexual harassment has been largely ignored. Why? Because he has a lot more money than the other brain-dead morons who thought they were entitled and protected from their lewd behavior.

While Kevin Mather didn’t sexually harass anybody today, his comments of disdain for baseball’s working-class (the players), racism, and entitlement were on full display in his comments about the Bellevue Rotary Club. You can watch the whole thing yourself here, but for a quick breakdown, check out the tweets below.

We need to be very clear about something: Kevin Mather was not “naive” to think these comments weren’t going to be seen. He is far too intelligent to think that a recorded video would not find its way onto the internet. Mather said these things because he felt comfortable saying them.

And why wouldn’t he? He’s gotten away with anything he’s wanted for most of his life. Such are the privileges for rich, white men in this country. But for the Seattle Mariners who are trying to build a culture, having this man as the de facto face of the ownership group is a massive black eye.

The beauty of not having to rely on the Mariners organization for information is that we can say what we want to say without any repercussions. So, here it goes. The Mariners need to fire Kevin Mather and it needs to happen now. Casual racism is not okay. Belittling your employees is not okay. It wasn’t okay to do it to Hisashi Iwakuma, or the 3 women (at least) who left their jobs with the Mariners as a result of Mather’s inappropriate behavior. Bragging about how little you have to your labor is disgusting, which is right in line with who Kevin Mather is as a person.

It is time for the Mariners to do what should have been done a decade ago. Either you care about inclusion and equality, or you don’t. Fire Kevin Mather.


  1. I don’t know how to broadly communicate the sickening feeling I have for the negative impact Mather has on the Mariner organization. But I hope you will continue to be the voice of fans to push for his dismissal from MLB! We don’t need an idiot as our designated leader!

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