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Seattle Mariners Lose Art Warren to Waiver Claim

The Seattle Mariners lost Art Warren to the Texas Rangers via a waiver claim on Wednesday and while it was a surprise to most, it probably shouldn’t have been.

The Seattle Mariners had clearly lost faith in Art Warren making a meaningful impact on their organization and the evidence of such was obvious well before he was claimed on waivers by Texas on Wednesday. Seattle had an awful bullpen in 2020, worst in the American League, and yet Warren never threw a pitch for them. He was only on the active roster for one day. And keep in mind, the team only had a 60-man player pool from which to choose from.

Yet, at every turn, Seattle went elsewhere for bullpen innings, including using the likes of Brady Lail, Seth Frankoff, and Jimmy Yacabonis while still in playoff contention. The dye was cast long ago on Warren, despite a promising debut in 2019. The Mariners left Warren off the 40-man roster and exposed him to the Rule 5 draft in the winter of 2018. There isn’t any more evidence required that Seattle was ready to move on from Art Warren.

Whether you like the move or not, it wasn’t a major surprise. Warren is a fantastic dude with a big-time fastball. He also lacks a consistent breaking ball and control and has some injury concerns lurking in the shadows. However, the lack of opportunity given to Warren is still rather disappointing, especially in 2020. For lack of a better comparison, he’s the Braden Bishop of the pitching staff. Some valuable skills, sure. But stuck on a major league team who clearly sees them as fringe roster types.

We wish Art Warren all the best in Texas. He’s a fantastic dude and deserves a chance to show the world what he’s got. Most of us just wish he got that same opportunity in Seattle.

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