Merch Release

New Mariners-themed Merch for the Month of August!

We’re a week into the month of August and the 2020 MLB season has been in full swing, so we think it’s time to drop some new merch on our TeeSpring store.

We have a pair of t-shirts and a new hoodie design (with five variants!) coming at you today. First, the “SUCK IT, ANGELS” tee, paying homage to our own Colby Patnode’s favorite ritual whenever the Mariners defeat the Angels. This design comes in seven different shirt colors and retails for $24.99 USD.

Suck It, Angels! Tahiti Blue T-Shirt Front

Next, we have another shirt that’s very near and dear to us. This one is called “Stop Bunting,” which should tell you all you really need to know about it. Just like its message, this tee is straight and to the point. Only available in white, this shirt also retails for $24.99.

Stop Bunting White T-Shirt Front

Finally, we’d like to introduce to the first entry in the “T R U E” collection of our merch. While this initial batch features our primary colors and site’s logo on the back, we hope to eventually develop this collection into its own individual entity, separate from the Mariners-centric merch we’ve released thus far. These hoodies retail for $34.99 USD and come in five different variations.

T R U E Hoodie   Navy Navy T-Shirt Front

Remember – you can get a code for 15% off all items in our merch store by signing up to our Patreon if you haven’t already!

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