Jake’s Journal: Mariners Time Is on the Horizon

As I am wearing my Justin Smoak jersey, I reflect on the old-time of a suffering Mariners fan.  I think of when Lloyd McClendon charged at the umpires and Richie Sexson hit bombs.  But I am enchanted by the possibility of a new era. By the possibility of success. We have lived through the Pat, Bill, and the Jack Z era. Now, it is our turn.  There is a  new team and it is young and fun. 

Even with Julio Rodriguez‘s injury, the youth that is progressing through the organization is providing a heartbeat not felt in the city of Seattle in a long time.  The new Seattle Mariners are apart from us.   There is a major change in the attitude of the team. Instead of “let’s not lose” its “let’s win the whole damn thing”. 

The new-look of Kyle Lewis and company show excitement to come.  This COVID season will bring a short season full of excitement.  It’s time for the city of Seattle to get excited for baseball again.  There is a talented team here.  A team of young, fun great baseball players that the world will recognize. 

The media is already starting to notice. Justin Dunn has worked through our lineup like a knife through butter. Kyle Lewis is dropping bombs like WWII.   These young phenoms will be a part of life as fans for years to come.  So, get on board now.  The reality of a new era is real.  The talent that is percolating is the best in years.

Be a part of it, Mariner fans.  Be a part of the revolution.  The revolution of baseball in Seattle.  Because mark my words: we will be in the playoffs.  And we will be a force to be reckoned with.


  1. I met a great friend of mine in 2008, and he being a Mariners fan was really high on Justin Smoak at the time. Is it fair to say he was a bust? I suppose he had a solid career, but he was supposed to be one of the AL’s top sluggers.


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