Your Reasons for Pushing Jarred Kelenic to the Mariners’ Opening Day Roster are Mostly Stupid

Sometimes, the truth can hurt. But friends are honest with each other unless of course dishonesty would lead to an incredibly funny story. White lies can be harmless, but friends tell each other the truth when it matters and great friends know the difference between the two. And friends, I’ve read your material and heard the arguments you made and what I have to say may break your heart: Jarred Kelenic shouldn’t be on the Opening Day roster and your arguments for it are stupid.

There are precisely two scenarios in which this wouldn’t be the case. First, if the Mariners believe the season is in danger of ending prematurely. Or second, if the Mariners and Kelenic come to terms on an MLB extension. Only then would the service time issues be null and void and even at that point, why are we so sure Kelenic is big league ready?

Because he’s looked good in some spring training games? Because he crushed two levels in his first full season of pro ball? Or is it simply because we live in a society that cannot stand to wait for what we really want to see? It’s my prospect and I want him now! Isn’t the real reason you think Kelenic should be facing Justin Verlander on July 24th is because you know the M’s won’t win many games and you just want that instant endorphin rush? Because if that’s the reason… I get it. I really do. Kelenic is incredibly fun and his cocky attitude is sure to ruffle the feathers of baseball old timers and I am always in favor of that.

But even if you think Kelenic is ready with his 24 games above AA, you’d be a fool to call him up before August 1st. Simply waiting 8 days assures you that Kelenic will play another prime season in Seattle. Why would you sacrifice 600 PAs of prime Kelenic for an extra 40 PA of rookie Kelenic in a season that means nothing?

Sometimes you need to hear that which you don’t want to hear, even when you know it to be true. I’m not hereto crash a comet on my friend’s dreams. But what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t introduce some reality back into your world? Dream big on Kelenic. Lord knows I am going to. But recognize the stupidity of putting him on the 30 man roster in 9 days. It may be for a year. It could be for a week. But gaining a year of 27-year-old Kelenic is well worth sacrificing a handful of 21-year-old PAs.

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