Merch Release

Charity Shirt of the Month: July 2020 – True Pride

Help support a good cause with this Mariners-themed shirt.

As a part of our new venture and promise to the Mariners and Seattle sports communities, each month we’ll be releasing a shirt that supports a cause of our choosing. Last month, we raised $250 for the NAACP with our ‘Strikeout Racism’ tee.

Though we missed out on Pride Month, we have decided to help support the LGBTQ+ community with this month’s shirt. Today, we released the ‘True Pride’ tee, featuring our logo glistening in the vibrant colors of Pride. This tee retails at $29.99 USD.

All profits made off the sale of the shirt (roughly $16.82 USD per sale if no promo codes are used) will be personally donated by us to Lambert House, a foundation that empowers LGBTQ+ youth in Seattle by providing them a safe space and tools to succeed in life.


Additionally, we are pleased to announce the re-release of the ‘Strikeout Racism’ tee on our TeeSpring store, also retailing at $29.99 USD. All profits made (once again, $16.82 USD per sale if no promo codes are used) will be donated to the NAACP and other anti-racist organizations.


Both of these shirts will remain on our store forever.

To learn more about Lambert House and/or to donate more on top of your purchase, consider visiting their website.

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